5 Reasons Why Your Home Or Business Needs A Platform Stair Lift


24 Jul 5 Reasons Why Your Home Or Business Needs A Platform Stair Lift

The advantages of installing platform stair lifts in your home or business premises go beyond the obvious one of helping wheelchair-bound individuals move from one level to another safely and easily. There are a number of useful benefits that make this accessibility solution a worthwhile investment.

Here are the top 5 benefits of a platform stair lift:

  1. It will enable disabled people to be more independent

Platform stair lifts remove the need for assistance when navigating stairs. If you find climbing stairs a challenge without help, a platform stair lift is an ideal solution.

  1. It will make your home safer

Staircases have a reputation for being accident hotspots. The dangers include the risk of tripping and falling. Poor balance and muscle weakness due to illness or disability can make climbing or descending stairs dangerous. Platform stair lifts remove the effort involved in navigating stairs and the accompanying danger.

In the latest report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,7,042 elderly Australians were hospitalised between 2014 and 2015 due to injuries sustained in falls on staircases.

  1. It offers a pain-free way to travel between floors

Having to traverse stairs continually can be hard on the body, especially for the disabled or ill, resulting in fatigue and pain in the knees and other joints. A platform stair lift prevents this, enabling you to navigate the home or office without any hindrance.

  1. It’s a cost-effective option

A platform stair lift is more affordable than many other access solutions, such as a comprehensive home elevator, for example.

  1. It provides peace of mind

If you have elderly or disabled family members living with you, a platform stair lift offers peace of mind that they can move safely between the floors of your home without risk of injury.

Why go through the hassle of moving out of your much–loved, multi-level home or office, when the installation of a platform stair lift is a more convenient and affordable solution? You’ll also encourage wheelchair bound customers, their families and friends to support your business.

Give us a call at Easy Living Platform Lifts to discuss your options. We supply and install innovative mobility solutions to residences and commercial properties across Australia.

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