All The Benefits Of Installing A Platform Lift

13 Apr All The Benefits Of Installing A Platform Lift

A platform lift offers wheelchair users much more than just access. It’s about convenience, independence and safety. Walking upstairs or easily strolling up a ramp is something that able-bodied people can sometimes take for granted. But it becomes a burden for disabled people who need to look for alternative entry points.

Just like the wheelchair has helped their mobility, a platform lift is here to make life so much easier for wheelchair users.

This is why you need to install a platform lift at home:

  • Independence

Disabled people might have to rely on family members or caregivers for certain tasks, such as going up a set of stairs or help getting pushed up a ramp. By installing a platform lift, wheelchair users gain a huge sense of independence allowing them to move up and down on their own terms, without requiring help from others. Their quality of life will improve dramatically.

  • Safety

Trying to make their way up a set of stairs is not only inconvenient, but it’s also unsafe. With surrounding walls, hold to run controls (which means constant pressure is required to operate) and an emergency stop button, Easy Living Platform Lifts provide features that allow safe and secure travel. Whether travelling 0-1m or 0-2m, we’ve got the perfect wheelchair lift to help movement between levels.

  • Access

Often, wheelchair users must plan ahead before visiting certain locations, because should there be no disabled access, they won’t be able to enter the premises at all. Knowing that a platform lift can be used at particular locations means that it becomes far more appealing for disabled people to visit your home or business. Being able to use a wheelchair lift can be the difference between them saying yes or no to buying from your company.

With these three powerful reasons why you should install a platform lift, there is no question that wheelchair users will gain more confidence and a better quality of life.

For more information about Easy Living Platform Lifts, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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