What To Consider When Thinking About Adding A Wheelchair Lift To Your Home

09 May What To Consider When Thinking About Adding A Wheelchair Lift To Your Home

Did you know that 15% of all Australians currently live with a physical disability of some kind, with many of these people experiencing mobility issues or being wheelchair-bound?

If you’re one of these people or live with one, you might be considering making modifications to your home to make it user-friendly. As mobility problems increase with age, it also could be something you or a loved one might face in the future and will want to prepare for now. Adding a wheelchair platform lift is the most common addition people make to their home when looking to make it more accessible. Here’s what you need to think about before committing to having one installed.

Should I stay, or should I go?

A common question that pops up when someone realises that they will need to make permanent changes to their home is whether they should stay where they currently live or find another home that is more suitable? It depends on a couple of factors. Firstly, will a platform lift alone be enough to make life easier for you or your disabled family member, or will you need a range of modifications? If it becomes too costly of an exercise, then you might be best to find a new home and look to install a platform lift there. It’s about weighing up the cost of moving versus the cost of upgrading your current home.

You also need to think about the neighbourhood you currently live in and whether you are ideally located to friends, family and your workplace. Of course, moving for the sake of mobility purposes is important, but it doesn’t mean that you have to vacate the area and move away from your loved ones to do so.

What will I need to adjust?

Any area of your home containing stairs, threshold barriers, outdoor decks and levels will need modifications. In some cases, a simple ramp might be sufficient. However, in areas that are too high for a ramp, you will need a platform lift, stair lift or enclosed lift. These can be installed inside or outside your home and most will not require major changes to the existing structure. Not only can these be used by those with wheelchairs and scooters, but it’s also great for those using walking aids, and even parents with prams.

I’m ready to install one. What next?

When picking a company to design and install your disabled platform lift, look for one that can show you what they can do, how it will adhere to your building’s standards and codes (working with your building’s existing walls and power sources) and include all the necessary information in a single accurate quote. It’s something that Easy Living Platform Lifts can offer, so contact us today or visit your nearest showroom to discuss your mobility needs.

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