Designing for Inclusivity

LU100 - Platform Lift 21

The Seamless Integration of the LU100 Platform Lift

In an increasingly diverse and inclusive world, creating spaces that cater to the needs of all individuals is of utmost importance. Accessibility and inclusivity have become integral aspects of modern design, and the LU100 platform lift from Easy Living Platform Lifts is a shining example of seamlessly integrating function and aesthetics to meet accessibility requirements. This article explores how the LU100’s thoughtful design aesthetics, clean lines, and transparent polycarbonate platform walls make it a perfect fit for both modern and traditional architectural settings, while contributing to the creation of inviting and inclusive spaces.


The Beauty of Design and Functionality:

The LU100 platform lift has revolutionised the notion of accessibility solutions, showcasing how design and functionality can harmoniously coexist. From prestigious foyers to contemporary retail outlets, the LU100’s clean and elegant lines effortlessly complement any architectural style. Its compact design and minimal footprint make it an excellent fit for both small and large spaces, ensuring seamless integration without compromising on the overall aesthetics.


Transparency for Inclusion:

One of the standout features of the LU100 platform lift is its transparent polycarbonate platform walls. This unique design element serves multiple purposes, promoting inclusivity while enhancing the overall user experience. The transparency of the platform walls fosters a sense of openness and eliminates the feeling of confinement that is sometimes associated with traditional elevators or lifts. This is especially important for users with claustrophobia or anxiety, as they can feel more at ease during their journey between levels.


Creating an Inviting Space:

The LU100’s thoughtful design goes beyond just its aesthetics. Its user-friendly operation and intuitive control panels positioned both above and below the lift ensure that users of all abilities can navigate the platform lift with ease. Whether utilising the lift via the buttons on the lift itself or through the supplied remote control, the LU100 platform lift accommodates the needs of all individuals, making it a welcoming addition to any space.


The Perfect Fit for Diverse Environments:

From historical landmarks to cutting-edge modern buildings, the LU100 platform lift is designed to complement and enhance any environment. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend into the existing surroundings, making it an excellent choice for places where preserving architectural integrity is essential. The LU100’s design team collaborated with architects during its development to ensure that every aspect of the lift aligns with form, function, and flexibility, making it a natural extension of any space.


The LU100 platform lift exemplifies the future of inclusive design, where accessibility and aesthetics merge seamlessly. Its clean lines, compact design, and transparent polycarbonate platform walls contribute to creating an inviting and inclusive space for all users. Easy Living Platform Lifts’ dedication to quality, Danish design, and European craftsmanship have culminated in a platform lift that not only meets accessibility requirements but also elevates the overall ambiance of any building. By choosing the LU100 platform lift, you are not only embracing inclusivity but also making a statement that design can, and should, serve everyone.



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