Easy Living Gain Exclusive Rights To The Revolutionary EL200 Platform Lift

05 Apr Easy Living Gain Exclusive Rights To The Revolutionary EL200 Platform Lift

If you’re looking for a new platform lift for your home or business that can travel up to 2m, then the EL200 is the wheelchair lift that will meet all your needs. It’s stylish, affordable, safe and secure, and Easy Living Platform Lifts recently became the exclusive distributor in Australia. We’re proud that we can supply an innovative lift that will help wheelchair users live life without barriers.

Here’s why it has become one the most popular residential and commercial wheelchair platform lifts in the industry:

  • European Quality

This state-of-the-art disabled lift is beautifully made in Europe by some of the world’s leading engineers and designers. It’s incredibly stylish with modern aesthetics and elegant lines, which means it will sit proudly in prestigious environments including foyers, restaurants and other public buildings. In addition, because it’s mounted on the front, you won’t see the mechanisms as it travels up and down.

  • Easy Installation

There is minimal build work and it is easy to incorporate into other major projects should they be underway already. The EL200 requires no machine room and has a free-standing design, so it doesn’t need to be mounted against a load-bearing wall. This widens your choice of locations and makes it incredibly simple to install by our factory-trained technicians, reducing the likelihood of impact on your daily business. We also keep several of these models in stock, so they are ready for quick delivery instead of the weeks required for other similar lifts that need to be shipped into the country.

  • Safety & Security

The EL200 is developed with the latest technology and safety features to ensure peace of mind for all users. It includes hold to run controls (constant pressure to operate), an emergency stop button, overload detector, electronic speed control and safety edge-under platform proximity sensors. All of these features mean that the lift is compliant with Australian mobility platform lift standards.

  • After-Sales Support

Once you’ve had the EL200 installed in your residential or commercial property, you’ll have access to a 24/7 support centre that you’ll be able to call at all times of the day should you encounter any technical issues. We don’t set and forget with our support, we ensure ongoing safety and reliability throughout your entire experience with the wheelchair lift.

Keen to find out more information about the EL200 Platform Lift? See it for yourself at your nearest showroom or feel free to get in touch with us today!

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