Elevating Safety: The Advanced Safety Features of FlexStep Platform Lift

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The Advanced Safety Features of the FlexStep Platform Lift

When it comes to mobility solutions, safety is non-negotiable. The FlexStep Platform Lift sets a new standard in safety, combining innovative technology with meticulous Danish engineering to deliver an unparalleled transportation solution. Here, we delve into the advanced safety features that make the FlexStep a standout choice, ensuring passengers can move between levels with confidence and peace of mind.

Operates During Power Failure:

Unforeseen power outages can cause disruptions and pose challenges for users of mobility solutions. The FlexStep Platform Lift is designed to operate even during power failures, thanks to its intelligent backup battery system. Users can rest assured that they will continue to enjoy uninterrupted access between levels, ensuring mobility remains constant, regardless of external circumstances.


Self-Dialing Handsfree GSM “NBN Ready” Phone:

In emergency situations or when immediate assistance is needed, the FlexStep comes prepared. Equipped with a self-dialing hands-free GSM phone, users can quickly connect with help or support at the push of a button. This thoughtful addition ensures that users can easily summon assistance if required, fostering a sense of security and prompt response in times of need.


Control Features:

User-friendly controls are at the core of the FlexStep’s design, providing passengers with intuitive and effortless operation. The inclusion of up/down constant pressure (hold to run) buttons allows for smooth and precise movements, granting users full control of their vertical mobility. Additionally, the alarm button and emergency stop button offer a swift response in unexpected situations, prioritising user safety at every stage of their journey.


Anti-Crushing Protection:

The FlexStep Platform Lift incorporates anti-crushing protection as an essential safety feature. This mechanism ensures that the lift automatically halts if it detects any obstruction in its path, preventing accidents and potential hazards. The anti-crushing protection reaffirms the FlexStep’s commitment to passenger safety, providing an added layer of security during each use.


Engineered for Stability and Safety:

With four intelligent synchronised engines, the FlexStep leaves no room for compromise when it comes to stability and safety. These precision-engineered components work harmoniously to ensure secure and smooth transportation between levels. The FlexStep’s steadfast commitment to stability reassures users that they are in safe hands throughout their journey.

Safety is at the forefront of the FlexStep Platform Lift’s design philosophy. From its innovative power failure operation to the self-dialing hands-free GSM phone, the FlexStep has thoughtfully incorporated features that prioritise passenger security and well-being. Its user-friendly controls, anti-crushing protection, and intelligent synchronised engines make it a reliable and secure choice for vertical mobility. With the FlexStep, users can confidently move between levels, knowing that safety is always elevated to the highest degree. As a result, the FlexStep Platform Lift stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of creating a transportation experience that is not only accessible but also exceptionally safe for all.


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