What Factors Influence The Cost Of A Platform Lift?

15 Jun What Factors Influence The Cost Of A Platform Lift?

Determining the cost of a platform lift is as intricate as the accessibility equipment itself. The complex nature of a platform lift becomes apparent when you take into account the different features including the lifting mechanisms, weight capacity, hydraulic drives, safety and security, and platform sizes, all of which influence the price of the equipment.

Generally speaking, the cost will be determined by two broad factors:

The cost of the physical lift

The factors that come into play here include:

  • The height of travel (overall distance between the bottom floor and top floor)
  • Number of access points (i.e.doors and door frames required, as well as labour costs for installation)
  • The choice between glazed or plain materials
  • Are the doors to be automated? Installation is more complex and can result in higher costs.
  • Any customisations such as landing gates, custom colours, folding seating and a telephone, which is a must with every lift for emergency rescue reasons.

The cost of the building requirements

Factors to be considered here include:

  • The labour costs of preparation and installation
  • Any electrical requirements

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