Four Groups Who Will Benefit From A Platform Lift

05 Aug Four Groups Who Will Benefit From A Platform Lift

Multi-level homes and workplaces can be challenging to access for people with various physical challenges. Improving these buildings to make them universally accessible requires innovation. Platform lifts have been designed to solve this challenge effectively.

These convertible structures enable mobility in commercial or residential spaces, for differently abled people. Platform lifts are energy-efficient and can move people and heavy loads quickly and safely. There are numerous benefits for all types of people, but here are four groups of people who will benefit most from the presence of a platform lift.

People in wheelchairs

People with disabilities may find it difficult or impossible to use stairs, especially if they’re a wheelchair user. Moving up and down floors can be challenging, especially in buildings without elevators. People with visual impairments, as well as those who are partially immobile will be able to move between floors with confidence. Platform lifts enable them to move securely and independently – free from the fear of potentially experiencing a fall or other injury.

The elderly

Growing older brings with it chronic illnesses and physical changes that make mobility more difficult over time. Platform lifts can help seniors retain their independence in their homes or in and around retirement homes. These lifts enable easy and safe access to different levels of the residence. They will be able to navigate confidently and comfortably around the house, encouraging exercise and social interaction.

Injured people

Injuries can have a lasting impact on quality of life. Whether temporary or permanent, the person’s ability to move around can be impaired to various degrees. Trying to move an injured person up and down stairs without support is a risk to their safety, the safety of the people helping them and a potential threat to recovery. Platform lifts make it easier for medical staff and caregiving relatives to move up and down as required.


Family life is not easy to manage, especially with children who can’t walk yet. Getting prams, bikes and other heavy baby items up and down the stairs is a daily challenge. As platform lifts are gated, they are suitable for young children and can make the home much safer for everyone who lives there.

Easy Living Platform Lifts designs and installs state-of-the-art platform lifts for business and home use. Call or visit a showroom near you to make your life and the lives of others around you easier!

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