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The Importance of Australian Disability Access Standards and Platform Lifts

As public spaces play a significant role in our daily lives, it is imperative to ensure that they are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Building owners have a legal obligation to comply with the Australian Disability Access Standards, as outlined in Section 23 of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This standard, in place since May 2011, emphasises the need for non-discriminatory access options, making it vital for all types of buildings, from commercial workplaces to educational institutions and healthcare facilities, to be designed and renovated with disability access features.


The Legal Obligation to Comply:

The Australian Disability Access Standards are not just a suggestion but a legal obligation for building owners. All new structures must be designed and constructed with disability access features, and existing buildings undergoing renovations must also include such provisions. Whether it’s a government office, a gym, a retail outlet, a hospital, a sports centre, a movie theatre or a train station, compliance with these standards is essential to avoid breaching the DDA and to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access the facilities with ease.

The Misconception of Prohibitive Costs:

Despite the legal requirement, some landlords and businesses may hesitate to invest in disability access options, fearing the costs might be prohibitive. However, this is not necessarily the case. With advancements in technology and innovative solutions, achieving compliance with the Australian Disability Access Standards has become more accessible and cost-effective than ever before.


The Solution – Platform Lifts:

One of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to ensure compliance with the DDA regulations is by installing platform lifts. Here are some compelling reasons why platform lifts are an ideal choice for making your building accessible:


1. Minimal Disruption and Renovations:

Unlike traditional elevators, platform lifts are compact and can be installed quickly, often in as little as one day, without extensive and expensive renovations to your building. Their flexibility allows for smoother integration, minimising any disruptions to daily operations.


2. Versatility of Installation:

Platform lifts come in various types, offering a diverse range of options to suit specific needs and environments. For indoor installations with travel of up to one meter, the LU100 is an excellent choice. This model ensures seamless accessibility within indoor spaces, providing smooth and reliable operation. Additionally, for outdoor environments, the OS200 stands as a pinnacle of excellence, setting the standard for reliable outdoor installations. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, the OS200 boasts hot-dip galvanised steel components, offering exceptional corrosion resistance and ensuring its resilience against the elements. With its robust construction and design, the OS200 guarantees safe and reliable accessibility, making it a perfect solution for outdoor spaces such as commercial building entrances, parks, or public transportation stations. Whether it’s the LU100 for indoor use or the OS200 for outdoor environments, platform lifts cater to a wide range of buildings and architectural configurations, making them an ideal choice to enhance accessibility and inclusivity.


3. Safety and Convenience:

Platform lifts prioritise user safety and convenience with a range of advanced features. Equipped with safety gates, they ensure the security of passengers during transit. Moreover, the lifts are designed to provide a safe and user-friendly experience, especially for visually impaired individuals. Braille buttons and an emergency stop button are available, allowing seamless interaction and quick response in times of need. To further enhance passenger protection, platform lifts are equipped with emergency lowering capabilities, ensuring a safe and controlled descent in case of power failure or other emergencies. This feature provides peace of mind to both users and building owners, as it guarantees a secure evacuation process if required.

For added convenience and communication, platform lifts are integrated with a self-dialling hands-free GSM phone, which is NBN-ready. In case of an emergency or any assistance needed, passengers can easily connect with our 24/7 customer care team minimising any concerns.

Additionally, soft start and stop mechanisms are incorporated into the lifts’ design, ensuring smooth and comfortable travel between floors. This gentle transition reduces any discomfort during the ride and further enhances the overall user experience.

With a comprehensive array of safety features, communication options, and comfort-enhancing mechanisms, platform lifts stand as a reliable and inclusive solution, promoting accessibility and ensuring a secure journey for all passengers.


4. Cost-Effectiveness:

Platform lifts offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional elevators, both in terms of installation and maintenance. Not only are they more budget-friendly upfront, but their ongoing operational costs are also significantly lower. Platform lifts are designed to be energy-efficient, requiring minimal power consumption, making them an economical choice for your building.

With their single-phase power operation, platform lifts utilise the same power as a small electrical appliance, showcasing their remarkable efficiency. This not only contributes to reduced energy bills but also aligns with sustainability goals, minimising the overall environmental impact of your building.

Some platforms are freestanding in design, where the platform securely attaches to the pit and upper landing, minimising the need for extensive builders’ works during installation. This not only saves time but also reduces additional construction costs. The streamlined installation process also ensures minimal disruptions to your building’s daily operations, allowing you to implement accessibility improvements swiftly and efficiently.

By opting for platform lifts, you not only make a financially prudent decision but also demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring that your building not only meets accessibility standards but also operates in an environmentally responsible manner. The combination of affordability, energy efficiency, and eco-consciousness makes platform lifts a smart investment for any business or facility.

Ensuring that your building complies with the Australian Disability Access Standards goes beyond mere legal compliance; it reflects your commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities for all individuals. By investing in platform lifts, you create a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of their mobility challenges, can access and navigate your building with ease. Easy Living Platform Lifts offers practical and accessible solutions to make your building compliant with DDA regulations, ultimately enabling a more inclusive and diverse Australia. To learn more about our platform lift options, contact us today. Let’s work together to build a more accessible and inclusive future, providing access for all…



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