Innovative Solutions for Inclusive Architecture

EasyStep Residential Platform Lift 2

Introducing FlexStep Platform Lifts

Universal access to buildings has long been a challenge. People are differently abled, so it’s crucial to design structures with a variety of access-enabling features.

The FlexStep Low Rise Platform, is suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. It’s an innovative solution to economic and spatial constraints related to building access requirements.

Here’s why this wheelchair Platform Lift is the perfect cost-effective solution for universal access.


Space-saving Design:

FlexStep lifts have built-in technology that enables them to transform from stairs into platform lifts and vice versa. This simplifies access and mobility between the upper and lower levels of a building. The FlexStep platform lift doesn’t take up any additional floor space – it’s the same size as a standard set of stairs. The design saves space as it can be transformed for different uses.


Convenience and Versatility:

In addition to saving space, the FlexStep is the epitome of convenience. Instead of having to build a ramp near the staircase, users can convert the stairs into a lift at the push of a button. The automatic transformation back into a stairwell only takes a minute.


Seamless Integration:

The FlexStep’s freestanding design gives you the flexibility in terms of where the platform is positioned. There’s no need for a pit or separate machine room, or a load-bearing wall for support so you can place it wherever it fits in best with existing structures.


Perfect for Lower Platform Heights:

There are three FlexStep models available, with a choice of three, four or five steps. Whether required indoors or outdoors, the platform is suitable for all low-rise, multi-level structures. No major construction or structural changes are necessary.


Enhanced Safety Features:

The FlexStep is entirely safe and boasts many convenient safety features. It has a backup battery in case of power outages, an emergency stop button, motion sensors, and more!

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