LU100 Low Rise Platform Lift

LU100 Platform Lift - Wheelchair Lift - Villa Hotel 14

Empowering a Life Without Barriers

Unparalleled Performance and Design:

The LU100 platform lift features a free-standing design, eliminating the need for installation against a load-bearing wall, offering greater flexibility in positioning the lift within your space. Its innovative four lifting motors, positioned at each corner, ensure effortless and precise movement, setting a new standard in lifting platforms. With no unsightly masts and a compact footprint, the LU100 platform lift seamlessly integrates into modern and traditional settings, making it an ideal choice for prestigious foyers, restaurants, public buildings, private homes, aged care centres, and schools alike.


Compliance and Safety:

Committed to quality and compliance, the LU100 platform lift adheres to Australian Standard 1735.14 for limited mobility platform lifts and NCC E3.6. With a platform size of 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep and a carrying capacity of 400kg, this platform lift offers safe and reliable transportation for all users. Advanced safety features, such as emergency stop on the platform, anti-crushing protection, and overload protection, ensure maximum passenger security at all times.


Unmatched After-Sales Support:

With every LU100 installation, Easy Living Platform Lifts offers 24/7 call centre assistance, ensuring continuous support whenever needed. Our factory-trained technicians, equipped with cutting-edge technology from our Easy Living Training Academy, deliver exceptional service and reliability for your platform lift.


Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective:

Operating on single-phase power, the LU100 platform lift boasts energy efficiency and low running costs, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Its minimal builders’ works and seamless installation process further enhance its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional elevators.


The Future of Accessibility:

The LU100 platform lift has been meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured in Denmark, showcasing Danish design and manufacturing excellence. Its transparent polycarbonate platform walls, anti-slip linoleum floor, and automatic outwards opening swing doors further enhance its modern aesthetics and functionality.


The LU100 low rise platform lift represents the pinnacle of accessibility solutions, providing a life without barriers for the elderly, individuals with walking difficulties, and wheelchair users. With its impeccable compliance, safety features, and unmatched performance, the LU100 is the epitome of modern accessibility and functional art. Easy Living Platform Lifts keeps this exceptional model in stock, ready for quick installation to meet your accessibility needs promptly and efficiently. Invest in the LU100 platform lift today and unlock the potential for seamless and inclusive vertical transportation in your building.



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