OS200 Platform Lift

Built to Endure

OS200 Platform Lift

Superior Weather Resistance Defies the Elements!

OS200 Platform Lift

Crafted with precision engineering, this Platform Lift is specifically designed to thrive in outdoor environments, making accessibility seamless wherever you need it. Its hot-dip galvanised steel components guarantee unrivalled corrosion resistance, ensuring years of reliable performance, regardless of the elements it faces. 

Say goodbye to the complexities of pit requirements. With its innovative freestanding design, the OS200 minimises builders’ work, offering a hassle-free installation process.

Peace Of Mind Built Into One Amazing Design

OS200 Platform Lift Key Technical Specs

NCC E3.6




1100W x 1400 mm

Cabin Size


Door Opening


Max Capacity

Not required




Single Phase


Stylish Design at Incredible Value


The OS200 platform lift provides great value with minimal builders works and disruptions, making it a cost-effective. It utilises single-phase power for energy efficiency and low running costs. Convenience, accessibility, and affordability in one solution.


Complying with BCA and Australian Standards, the OS200 platform lift is the ultimate solution to meet disabled access requirements during new construction or building renovations, elevating accessibility standards to extraordinary heights.

Minimal Builders Works

Effortlessly integrating into any project, the OS200 platform lift minimises builders’ works with no pit required and no need for a separate machine room.

Free Standing Design

The OS200 Platform Lift offers flexible positioning options as it doesn’t require installation against a load-bearing wall, providing a wider choice for lift placement.


OS200 Platform Lift Brochure

OS200 Platform Lift Drawings

Built to perform

Built to withstand Australia's
Harsh Outdoor Conditions

Australia’s challenging environmental conditions have driven a team of exceptional wheelchair platform lift engineers to create the OS200, a perfect blend of rugged functionality and refined aesthetics. A single glance at its meticulous attention to detail reveals that the OS200 Platform Lift is more than prepared to excel and conquer any setting.

From freezing cold temperatures to scorching UV rays, the OS200 wheelchair platform lift showcases serious engineering, built to withstand the harshest outdoor installations.

Built to perform

Built to withstand Australia's
Harsh Outdoor Conditions

The OS200 Platform Lift, a blend of rugged functionality and refined aesthetics, is crafted by exceptional wheelchair platform lift engineers to excel in challenging environmental conditions. Its meticulous attention to detail ensures it conquers any setting, from freezing temperatures to scorching UV rays, making it the ideal choice for outdoor installations.

rugged strength and stylish design

European Style & Quality

The OS200, king of all platform lifts is solid, yet sleek and stylish, and it always delivers the perfect blend of rugged strength and refined comfort. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Sweden, giving you a guarantee that the product you receive is built to last using the latest European technology.

Your safety is our #1 priority

Advanced Safety is Standard

The OS200 Platform Lift is equipped with a safety plate under the car, preventing accidents and enhancing reliability. It comes with advanced safety technologies such as hold to run controls, emergency stop, and overload protection for a secure user experience.

Assistance only a phone call away

24/7 Call Centre Assistance

With access to our 24-hour call centre, your platform lift is covered year-round across Australia. 

Rest assured, our Easy Living Services approved technicians will handle any unexpected situation, ensuring smooth mobility always.

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