Why A Platform Lift Is Preferable To An Access Ramp

28 Jun Why A Platform Lift Is Preferable To An Access Ramp

With approximately 20% of Australian adults having a physical or mental disability, according to a study by Tourism Research Australia, there’s a strong need for suitable disability access not just in homes, but in public buildings and landmarks as well.

Of course, many locations have access ramps, but despite providing access for wheelchair-bound or elderly people, they still pose challenges in the sense of physical activity.

Here are some of the reasons why a platform lift is preferable to an access ramp:

  • They can be utilised by various users
    Platform lifts are suitable for use by those who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks and walkers, as well as those with health conditions that make climbing stairs – or walking a ramp – a challenge.
  • They’re space-friendly
    The problem with access ramps is that they are ideal only for certain facilities like low-rise buildings. Access ramps require large areas of space for installation, while platform lifts require at least two-thirds less space.
  • They protect dignity
    Unlike access ramps, platform lifts don’t require end users to negotiate long slopes and turns (often in bad weather), which takes a lot of time and often robs these people of their dignity.
  • Great value
    Detractors who insist on emphasising the cost factor of installing a platform lift should consider the value of a proper heavy-duty lift and all its features.What people should remember is that a platform lift is multi-functional and can be used by those pushing prams or others having to manoeuvre hand carts and carrying cargo.
  • They’re safer
    Platform lifts minimise the risk of injury, as it’s easy to guide a wheelchair into the lift and out again. They’re also a safer alternative to other types of disability access options when moving from floor to floor within or outside a building.

With a platform lift, the mobility access at your location is enhanced greatly and should be an essential part of any building access plan. The most important goal is to meet the needs of the disabled, wheelchair-bound or elderly. If you require accessibility equipment for your business or workplace, contact Easy Living Platform Lifts today for innovative, industry-leading solutions.

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