The Reasons Your Business Needs To Provide Disability Access

25 May The Reasons Your Business Needs To Provide Disability Access

Part of the joys and responsibilities of being a business owner is that not only are you contributing to the Australian economy, but that you’re also contributing to an inclusive and supportive community. A fantastic way to do this is by providing mobility access to your location by installing a wheelchair platform lift. What this does is give disabled Australian access to your products and services.

Need more reasons why your business should provide disability access? Then keep reading.

You’re actually changing someone’s life

Most businesses if asked, would never turn away a disabled person from seeking employment or purchasing from their stores. What many don’t consider though is that a lack of accessibility could actually be keeping them from entering your premises in the first place. A lack of accessible parking and bathrooms, wheelchair-friendly entrances and exits (that are wide, stable and slip resistant) and even difficult-to-read business signage might discourage a disabled person from entering your store. Many businesses have provisions in place to help disabled individuals once they’re already clients, but this consideration needs to begin way before that. By providing disabled access lifts, you’re giving them an opportunity they wouldn’t have had otherwise, making their life so much more convenient.

Think of it as an investment

One in five Australians has some kind of disability. This is a fifth of all potential customers that walk past your shopfront every single day. Not all mobility issues are visible to the naked eye and you could be losing out on valuable business by failing to put the right access measures in place. In fact, if you think about adding an extra 20% to your bottom line, then the investment in a platform lift pays off for itself in no time. Just imagine how much more business you could – and should – be bringing in.

Where to begin?

Making your business accessible doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. A simple and easy-to-implement adjustment you can make right now is to add commercial wheelchair lifts to entrances and staircases in your business. Not only will this ensure disabled customers can browse your store, but it also makes it accessible to parents and families with strollers and prams. Easy Living Platform Lifts can assist you with the design, installation and maintenance of a lift, so feel free to contact us anytime to talk about the best solution for your business.

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